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Pure honey

Brand: Maireau Skin and Hair

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Our Pure honey can be used for

  •  baking
  • sweetener in drinks
  •  natural beauty treatment


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Pure honey is a natural substitute for sugar. It has the same mouth-watering sweetness as sugar but with a lower glycemic index, making it a more trustworthy option. 

It can be used in baking, as a sweetener in drinks, or as a natural beauty treatment.

Size 1 litre
Brand Maireau Skin and Hair
Weight 1.00

Maireau Skin and Hair

Maireau skin and hair is a brand that harnesses naturally occurring raw materials (such as coconut oil, carrot oil, neem oil, tomato extract, carrot extract etc) and strictly uses them for the manufacture of all her skin and hair products.
 This makes our products unique because it guarantees healthy and sustainable results.
 We also have a bee farm where we extract our pure honey from. 

Our products are categorised into four (4) parts:
 1) Skin glow and maintenance products: Suitable for those who desire good and healthy skincare. 

2) Skin repair products: To repair skin damaged by previously used harmful products. 

3) Hair growth products. 

4) Pure honey.


18 ratings

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18 ratings

Available in:

1 litre





1) Pickup option 
 * All Eastern and south south states=N1800
 * Western states=N2500
 * Northern states=N3500 

2) Home delivery via DHL 
 * All Eastern and south south states=N2500
 * Western states=N4000
 * Northern states=N5000

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