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Black and white flowery plain and pattern materials

Brand: Reyan's home of fashion

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N4,000.00 N5,200.00

Sold By: Reyan's home of fashion

Pure cotton 

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It's a type of fabrics that is suitable for every average adult to sew trouser and top, it's suitable for both male and female, and children, it's design for on average adult to sew a complete up and down, and for two kids below the age of five to sew up and down, it is also suitable for ladies to sew gown, jump suite, skirt and blouse etc

Brand Reyan's home of fashion
Weight 1.80

Reyan's home of fashion

Welcome to Reyan's home of fashion!

For all kinds of plain and pattern fabrics, Reyan's got you covered. At Reyan's, we take pride in sourcing only the best quality fabrics from manufacturers around the world. We carefully selects each fabric to ensure that it meets his high standards of quality and durability.

With Reyan's, what you order is what you will get.


2 ratings

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2 ratings

It's a unique fabric that doesn't shread or fade and it's suitable for just anybody 

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