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“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first” but in my case, both parents influenced my surprise massage gift to my parents. My grandfather’s death affected my parents, especially my dad, as they had a very close relationship. 

The Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift for the most beautiful people in your life during their sad moments was a daunting task because I was uncertain about what could cheer them up. I wanted this gift to be something I know they would never think of getting for themselves, and that had me profoundly researching. I was on my way back from work on a Thursday earlier than my usual closing time because I had to head somewhere else. We sped past a Spa, and it hit me that despite always persuading my parents to take time off and relax by either a weekend getaway or at least a spa treatment, they never truly listened. 

We all know that typical Nigerian parents like mine do not believe in spending money on vacations and short trips even if they needed it, they would rather spend time making more money. So I figured, since I would be paying for it, they wouldn’t turn it down even if they wanted to. 

Book a Treat for Dad

I used most of my nights to surf the internet for different Spa rooms looking for the perfect one. I saw a lot, but one impressed me, and that’s Nari’O Skincare and Spa. It was an advert that said “book a treat for dad” which caught my attention. I got to their Instagram account and found out that they used and sold mostly natural and organic products, no chemicals or steroids. They offer mobile and home Spa services! I mean, what more could anyone ask for?  This was as convenient as I could imagine because this would even make the surprise much more enjoyable. I quickly contacted them, and they responded immediately. The price was very fair for an 8-hour service compared to other Spa rooms’ home services. 

From Ajah to Sango

We all know how far it is to come from Ajah to Sango, considering the horrible road. For Lagos non-residents that’s around 69km or a 2hr 30 mins drive and they made it all the same and on a sunday at that. This totally blew me away. Not only did my parents enjoy every bit of the home service spa treatments especially the massage and how professional yet empathetic they were, I could feel their happy vibes return. The companionship they provided them probably contributed to that as my dad and one of their male agents played 3 rounds of table tennis.

My parents still thank me for that “surprise” and this is probably because of their skincare products as they are now ardent users. Also, most of their colleagues at work patronize them and each time, they share their experiences. I feel very happy each time they talk about it and this sense of fulfillment overwhelms me. 

Every time I want to relax and be taken care of, Nari’O Skincare and Spa is the way, and I recommend them to you.

Nari’O Skincare and Spa

Nari’O Skincare spa and massage gives you the best of the spa services your loved ones need. With quick and immediate response to serve you at disposal.


Nari’ O Skincare and Spa Services Include:

Nari’O  Special Packages

  1. Dad’s 10% off treat

Dad’s also deserve to be spoiled and pampered. Do you know any stressed up dad? Of course we all do. Take advantage of the 10% off Dad’s treat package.

The Dad’s treat includes:



-Facials or Body Exfoliation

We are taking away the excuse of bad roads and distance. The stress of moving from home to the spa center is also out of the way, as we offer mobile massage and home spa treatments.

We offer very professional services and are accommodating to your preferences. Click here to book one of our services.

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