6 Fun ways to make your partner feel special this Valentine

You shouldn’t be on Instagram on the 14th of February. Or even Facebook or any social media. Social media should be avoided that day for very strong reasons. We have laid down some ideas that are guaranteed to help you have the most memorable valentine. Delete and block our page if you follow these ideas and do not enjoy your day.

 With all that 2020 threw at us, this year’s Valentine gives you a chance to love, bond with your significant other and generally observe some self-care. Doesn’t matter if you will be spending the time away from your significant other as we have compiled some ideas that could connect you physically and virtually.

Follow these ideas for a Valentine you will never forget. 

Relive a memorable experience

Remember an unforgettable experience you had and make it happen again. Who said you had to go out to enjoy your day. Order some lovely red velvet cupcakes, a delicious dinner and enjoy time discussing these unforgettable moments with your partner. Is your partner away? Call them on the phone and enjoy a virtual dinner. This could be a video call or voice call whichever works best for you. Are you single? Call a family member, friend or crush. Treat yourself to a box of red velvety goodness and good food while enjoying a lovely movie or jamming to your favorite song. You can wear the dress you wore on your first date together or a memorable event together to make the day extra special.


Red velvet cupcakes 

Dress up and feel pretty

Feeling up to it? You can get a lovely dinner at a memorable venue. It could be where you both had your first date or where you were engaged or a place you both like very much. Look dashing, do your makeup, adorn yourself with lovely accessories and go for a flattering dress and don’t forget to go for a killer perfume.

Some lovely discounted dresses and heels you choose from

Red Split Dress
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Banana Republic- Block heel
Banana Republic- Stiletto heel


Relax and unwind

This is the perfect time to get some pampering. Yeah, book a massage session for you and your partner. Don’t want to leave your house? Well, you don’t have to. Nari’O offers mobile services and can bring a wonderful experience to your home. Take out time to treat your skin and face. Book for facials and go for a body scrub for glowing, beautiful skin.

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Mobile Massage Service
DIY Scrub


Enjoy the little things

Put the phone down and spend the day away from the noise of social media. Pay board games like scrabble, ludo or chess. Not big into games? Tell stories and go down memory lanes recounting funny and significant past events. Call each other pet names from when you first fell in love. Also, lay in bed with new beautiful sheets and enjoy the classic ‘Have you ever’ game.  

Beautiful sheets to give your bed a new look


Show your creative side

Who said romance is dead. Have fun drawing a portrait or caricature of each other. It’s something you don’t do every day.  Another fun thing to do is turn poets for the day. Yeah write poems and love notes then take turns to read to each other.

Exchange gifts

Is there anyone who hates receiving gifts? Wow, your significant other by getting them something they have always wanted or something you know they need. Nothing is sexier than good perfume on a man’s body.

Stuck on what to buy for your spouse? No one has ever said no to beautiful, thoughtful gifts.


Luxury Perfume Sets for her


Luxury perfume set for him

Want more romantics tips? You and your spouse can take up a romantic challenge to spice our relationship like this

7 days relationship challenge

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